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SteamVR / Lighthouse Support?

Just checking in: Are you already working with the Valve people to make PrioVR compatible with SteamVR / Lighthouse tracking?

I guess these are kind of competing technologies unless you make these things work together. Lighthouse certainly solves any potential issues with drift, but I'd assume that PrioVR gives you more precise control over your virtual body ... so it would be awesome to be able to use these two together.

It seems that SteamVR / Lighthouse / HTC Vive might be the quickest path to a "Holodeck" that we currently have. For some background, I really liked this article (there's plenty of others): HTC Vive and SteamVR Hands-on – A Stage of Constant Presence or this one: VR isn’t a gimmick anymore (less technical - but even more interesting IMHO).

So ... I really hope I'll be able to use all of these in Unity conveniently to create awesome VR experiences ;-)

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Hi Jashan,

We are interested in looking into SteamVR and Lighthouse tracking and integrating these into our product. However, we are currently putting all of our efforts into releasing the PrioVR for our Kickstarter.

Let us know if you have any other questions though!

Eric Monteforte

YEI Technology Support

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