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PrioVR DAZ3D Poser compatible

 Hello! Will the exported bvh format be compatible with DAZ or Poser so we can import tha animations there?

This was also answered by email, but for everyone else who might wonder about it:

After reviewing DAZ3D and Poser documentation, the BVH files outputted from PrioVR and the Mocap Studio should be compatible. 


The sources I found to be relevant to this search were:

Daz can import BVH files, it is true. However, this does not necessarily mean it is compatible with PriorVR. We would need someone to actually test the BVH files in Daz, to see whether all the bones can be controlled properly, and without significant post-tweaking. If someone can do this, I would also be interested in obtaining PriorVR for myself. 

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