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Price increase for post Kickstarter

I recently viewed the update concerning the price increase for post Kickstarter (consumer) versions of the PrioVR.  The update does not mention whether this will affect people like myself who preordered the PrioVR after the Kickstarter campaign had ended.  Will this affect my preorder or will it still be at the same price as before?  I also tried to check through my PayPal account but the pre-approved payment plan with YEI Tech that was there previously has disappeared.  It has left me a bit confused, so any help would be appreciated.

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Sorry, I just found the email I was sent when I placed the order, and found the link to "My Orders".  This confirmed that the price is still the same as when I preordered.  Did the update merely mean that when the PrioVR is released as a full retail product, the retail price will change?

Hi Chris,

Yes, Update #37 was to notify everyone that after the Kickstarter has finished, the price to order PrioVR will be raised from its Kickstarter prices. 

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