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Jittery Mocap, Sliding Feet

Hello, I am looking for a honest assessment of PrioVR and whether it will fit my needs. I have pre-ordered the Priovr 17 sensor Pro package in order to use it as a motion capture device, not as a gaming device. It will primarily be used for fast-action mocap sequences such as combat or dancing.

However, every demo I see on Youtube for YEI mocap devices shows only slow-movement mocap (walking slowly, waving hello), and the resulting mocap is extremely jittery and the feet keep sliding around significantly.

In contrast, there are other motion capture options (much more expensive) that demonstrate smooth fast-action mocap with very little jitteryness and sliding feet. Here are some examples of motion capture using 17 sensors that would be perfect for my needs (although would stretch my budget significantly):

I know PrioVR was designed primarily as a gaming device and secondarily as a mocap device. Therefore, for my needs, do you think it is better if I go with one of the more expensive solutions instead?

Or do you foresee enough improvement in the mocap area for PrioVR to overcome the difficulties I've mentioned? If you have any videos demos of PrioVR mocap in combat or dancing sequences, it would be extremely helpful for me to make a final judgment.

Thank you very much for reading and for your insight!

Hi Keoni,

The jittery-ness has been greatly reduced since the suit used in our old videos were recorded. There is also a smoothing option, currently implemented in Unity3D, that can further improve the smoothing of the motion captured by the suit. 

The suit is able to perform faster movements than those in the videos. Prio has moved faster at conferences than it did in the videos. The fastest movements that we have captured on video would probably be from our Dodgeball demo:

I hope this answers your question!

Eric Monteforte

YEI Support

Hi Eric, thank you very much for your reply.

The dodgeball demo seems a little better than previous videos I've seen, but still not quite up to the accuracy level I am looking for, especially for complex martial arts or dance moves....

Are you saying that the dodgeball video is an "old video" or a "new video"? Have been further improvements made since the dodgeball video was released?

Will you release new videos showing the latest capabilities? Thanks again


I'm interested in getting this for animation as well. Can you export BVH files for Motion Builder? There is a huge demand for a low cost mocap solution out there. I'm using Breakel right now it sorta works.
I say combining the kinect sensor with this motion trackers would give you the perfect motion capture solution.


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