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Console play

Hi I was wandering if there was anyway that I could use the prio vr on my PS4. I really love this product but I love my PS4. Can I use it on my console? If not is there any type of adapter I can buy to make it work on console.

Any news on ps4 console play

Hi Mitchell,

We are in the process of talking to other companies to see if they will support PrioVR. As it stands right now, PrioVR will work on a PC. In the future, it may be possible for PrioVR to work on other devices or consoles.

3 demo games will be released with PrioVR. One is a zombie survival game (we have been showing off this game at several conferences), another is a dancing rhythm game, and the third is a dodgeball game. Third party game developer support and an emulation layer for older games will be available.


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