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PrioVR/Decoupled Aiming

Okay, so I pre-ordered my Omni back in November during Black Friday. I was planning on pre-ordering the Stem the same day...but there was no sale -_- So I decided I'd rather just pre-order my DK2. But after speaking to MULTIPLE people who own the DK2 kit, I decided to just wait til CV1...mainly because they all basically said "trust me, just wait til CV1". So til this day, the only peripheral I've pre-ordered is the Omni. Recently I came to the conclusion that I really don't need the Stem. I'm sure I could benefit from a few Stem packs, but I'm not paying for one of those expensive ass Stem bundles, aha! That is hilarious. I made this conclusion based on the fact that I'm going to use the Omni in lieu of WASD. The Oculus, of course, for Display. & the Army Force Elite AR controller for all remaining keybinds. Besides, all I play is FPS' why the HELL do I need the Stem?! Not to mention, the price was so high, I was only intending on getting the 2-Tracker Stem System Bundle (2 controllers & a base). That would be cool for a playing a game where you can use dual pistols/SMGs, like in Halo. But other than that, I don't see how an avid FPS player would benefit from that particular package. So that's why the conclusion was drawn initially that I didn't need the Stem...THEN I remembered that I needed a peripheral to account for decoupled aiming cuz I sure I sure as hell don't plan on aiming with my head -_- So my question is, since the Stem is out of the question, would PrioVR (6 sensor suit) be the best solution for decoupled aiming?

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For our game, which uses the Virtualizer for locomotion-tracking, we've ordered the Lite version for de-coupled aiming.

The Lite should have sufficient sensors for aiming and seems superior to the STEM system from the anecdotal evidence I've seen (although I haven't been able to confirm this personally yet).  :)

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