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Priovr suits and delivery :)

Hi priovr team :) Hello guys! I am very exited for your product, but I have some few questions. About the delivery date: on the priovr website, it says that the products release date is spring 2015 and that Is many months ago. I got I little bit confused and I don't know the real release date. About the suit: I am looking forward to get the preorder suit for Christmas because the delivery is expensive. One day, I checked the web site and unfortunately my lovely preorder suites (pro, core and the upper body suit) was gone and replaced with a ultra pro suit for 1200 $ :/ I ain't got money for that and maybe you (priovr team) can help me :) from Zack :)

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I have already placed an order on 08/05/2015 and when can I expect this

greetings from ramĀ 

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