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Hi all last time I checked the site the price was for 3 different models from what  I remember now I only see one option and that is $1200 which seems way more than i'm willing to pay compared to other dev kits I own, Delta six cost £400, oculus Rift £300, seems to be way over priced for the market considering the costs how do you expect devs to buy this and have a way to market there games if you have priced all gamers out of it.

Take the new CV1 from oculus £500 and all the fuss that gamers won't pay that amount even from the OR fanboys are kicking up add the $1200 for the prior vr just 3 bits of kit that all would be used together will cost more than the average mid range pc and I have 2.5k rig really all this tech and the cost seems silly compared to the main component the pc which drives it all new tech or not if it can't be bought at a reasonable price by the masses I don't see a main stream customer buy it or dev's to build games to work with the prior vr.

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I am curious about this question as well... perhaps a quick explanation from marketing on the recent price hike might help assuage the concerns of potential customers.


Honestly, Though Occulus Rift can put you in a virtual space as well as simulate head movement as well as crouching I don't think it can be compared to The PrioVR. It has the ability to track THE ENTIRE BODY! Distances can also be traveled farther without need of a controller. A $600 Head Simulator compared to a $1200 doesn't seem to bad of a price considering it's choice software/hardware. Essentially it's double in price if you were to compare the two, but considering it's superior ability it doesn't seem as outrageous of a price that most might think. Imagine, for every separate limb PrioVR simulates that would be like adding Oculus Rift Gear to every single Joint/limb. If they went by that we'd be talking more then Quadruple price, at least in my eyes. To me the price seems more them fair considering what your getting out of it, which is just about everything.
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