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Mil Sim Compatibilty

I have been looking into this product for some time, but I need a few questions answered. First of all, I would like to know if this will would for ARMA 3 and future ARMA titles, is compatible with all Cyberith and Oculus devices, and if it can be used (off topic) for sim racing to see you hands and feet move. I love the idea of almost being in Takistan (ARMA 3 ported), conducting a military operation to take town a terrorist plot with your friends, all with fluid motion. So, in ARMA, would I be able to open doors with my hands, drop guns and pick up new ones, pull mags and grenades out of my vest or get out a first aid kit, take off my helmet, etc. I just want to know if the product will be compatible with ARMA, and to what extent. Same with racing sims, etc. Thanks a bunch!

I'm new here. sorry for the time it took to reply.  There is currently no finger tracking. What do you have in mind ?

Also, will these all be compatible with the sixsense stem VR weapons? And is there individual finger tracking? Or should I use a compatible third party produce for that? Thanks!
And the striker system?
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