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Will The PrioVR Team pair up with other companies who work in VR?

I've seen multiple companies working on just about every other part of the virtual world. Anything from Haptic Feedback to individual finger controls. As for you guys, The PrioVR team would you consider joining up with these guys? Predominantly those who go in near exact detail for just literal finger tracking? By far your team has captured my eye by far compared to others. The closest thing to "Full Body Control" I have seen is the Virtuix Omni, but your team obviously holds the throne for such feats. I highly believe and support that your Project is the pinnacle of gaming in the certain future, and I support that. The next step from current gen VR is you guys. Full body motion capture with accuracy which I'm sure is improving at this moment. Not just for a single limb, but each individual limb that essentially make up a VR model. This is extremely attractive and very intuitive. Now, you guys are the core. Steadily working on PrioVR to perfect it as much has virtually possible, now I wouldn't assume you guys have any other projects being worked on, I've thought to myself. With aforementioned companies developing very detailed VR on smaller scale paired with your own project this would nearly break the barrier between virtuality and reality. Full Body Simulation to the Finger tip. I very well know you guys are busy with your own project and such, but in the foreseeable future, would you guys consider this a possibility or remain independent for years to come? Regardless I stay loyal to supporting PrioVR, a dream I wish I could live, and now it's happening.
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