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Skeleton incorrect positions

When I use the suit, the skeleton does not match the correct position. I have calibrated the suit using the box method until everything was 100% I even hold the T-pose correctly when re-calibrating, but everything is off. Any suggestions?

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hi chris this was the same for me  and others i think they have bones reversed mine was up when my arms are down  and the were in the wrong direction 

is the zombi demo the same 

Yes, that sounds like the exact same issue. Also duplicated to zombie demo. Did you find a fix?

nope i have had  to send my suit back  because the sensors 12 of them  went turquoice and stoped registering   and kept crashing the chest hub 

have you done the fw patch  yet   

what fw ver are your sensors  are they aug or sept   because you cant update aug sensors until you apply a fw patch  bit please check up with prio vr  team to see if thare is a new solution 

keep me informed please as i was one of the first to get a suit  i had few sleepless nights 

so i am wating for them to send me out a working suit they should get my returned  suit tomorrow 

so i played the zombi demo but it was hard work  it was kinda like my spine bone was the hub and the hub my spine 

So I finally called today and it is an issue multiple people are having. I asked that they start replying here on the forums more often so we know what's up. Hopefully they'll keep us updated here.

thanks chris   i have just had a reply that they will be shipping me out a new suit before friday i hope 

so i can get to work on it about middle week  i hope  then i will have another play see what is the problem 

with reversed sensors  or if its a bone name problem  should be a easy fix but it will need 100+ backers with a suit to put their heads together and help mr yost resolve some issues 

the bigest peoblem  we need suits  and we all need to tinker  and make this work  regards firefly 

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