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One big mess

I've had nothing but issues since the suit arrived. I've been patient and even sent the original suit back. I'm starting to lose my patience really quick though. We've been waiting 3 years for the suit and it doesn't even work. Working with tech support has been decent (Thumbs up to Nick), but the communication company wide could use a huge boost! From their Kickstarter updates to their forums, it's been nothing but lacking until the majority of us complain. I think I'm just going to let it sit in the box until they've worked out all their bugs, which will hopefully be soon.

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Wow, you've had a word from the tech support?! I've been sitting out there in radio silence for three days with two support tickets opened.

how long did it take for them to send out a new suit  the just recived my return suit today  could you let me know regards firefly 

Changarid, I called them directly. Fireflyone, it was really fast. We had a couple of days of troubleshooting, but they sent it out asap when we found out it wasn't going to work.
I hope it's possible to get support without making transatlantic calls :-/


i have tested my hub  i had 12 sensors fail they know this i spoke to nick he gave me a patch to update aug sensors  to latest sept   i hope they fix this  or i will fix it myself once i get my suit back 

i had days of issues like the hub locking up  wont turn off dont you think they would have put in a switch

on / off because of the hub bricks the power rest command wont work 

thanks for the reply   firefly 

changarid   yes the support is slow  but they sent me a return label not that i wanted to give my suit back 

i did offer them just send out some new sensors  but they wanted the suit back  regards firefly  

changarid  have you heard any thing back  as I am also  still waiting trying to get another suit shipped out  

I have similar problems. I calibrated that suite many times now. Box-calibration, dance calibration etc. Positiontracking is not very accurate. Sometimes the suite lose its calibration. I dont know why. Any Ideas?


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