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PrioVR Utility

Hi, You mentioned in the KS comments that there was a bug in the utility app. What does this mean for users? Should we calibrate the suit? Wait to calibrate until this is fixed? If the latter what is the timing? Thanks. Qsk

hi have you tried the demo game  with out calibrating this wont write data to the suit 

i tried the demo on my first suit things were back to front  spine hub after i was told to  use the update patch update  then my sensors  went nutts   

so i just got another suit going to try tonight and test if you hear any thing about bug let backers know regards firefly


Hello, I just wanted to make sure you seen the latest updateTo  your PrioVR Utility to version 1.2.4 please go to the PrioVR Dev Kit Demos and Downloads website at

If you find you are having any issues please let us know. 


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