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faulty sensor new suit

@support i have one sensor not working i have just charged up the hub the sensor blinks red for 0.5 sec only flashes once then no lite nothing i have tried it with a different sensor and its not the cable its a defendant sensor problem i have not calibrated the suit

just put sensors into suit and done a power test i am posting on here as well as the forum regards firefly

can you guys please advise on the priovr utility is it safe to use to calibrate the suit did you fix the bug 

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I don't think support ever looks at these forums
seems like the sensore slightly lose their calibration(wizard sensore calibration) after every T-pose calibration.


I have similar problems. I calibrated that suite many times now. Box-calibration, dance calibration etc. Positiontracking is not very accurate. Sometimes the suite lose its calibration. I dont know why. Any Ideas?


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