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hub doesnt recognized or no color indication

hub doesnt switch on or has no color indication. this happen after priovr utility popup and unable to connect error message.

any one has came across this one any solution ? 

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looks like once the power is completely depleted from the hub, it started working again. but this is very annoying problem.

it is not feasible to wait a one day every time your application crashes.

best way to reproduce the issue.

  • fully charge the hub, connecting hub directly to the machine.
  • once fully charge , add the hub to the skeleton
  • now with out using the base station, connect hub to the machine.
  • run the  priovr utility
  • connect and test skeleton movement, at this time it should be working right.
  • now while application is working , remove the physical cable (i only found out this accidentally)
  • priovr will now provide a return error code with a error.
  • now you wont be able to reconnect and start streaming skeleton data. looks like at this time its in two different states, doesnt respond to reconnect command.
  • now switch off the hub using top button , press and hold.
  • this will switch off the hub for good. and it wont boot it up again till entire power is depleted.
  • this entire scenario is done with out using the base station. just for preproducing purpose.

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