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hub only connect to the base station contionally

trying several times to connect 1 hub to 1 base station has taken my entire day. with no luck at all.

I had to wait until entire power depleted from the hub just get it back lighting , now it wont connect to the base station properly.

have any one came across this issue before.

 looks like this product is long way from ready for Developers.

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update fw on both hub and dongle then go to pair  then tesl you to hold the 2 buttons on the hub  dont have any sensors on when you do this let me know if this helps 

tried to pair hub with base, same result; connected conditionally

I was getting the same error yesterday when I accidentally installed older firmware into the hub by sensor firmware update. (seems like the hub has sensor fw as well) It went out when I updated it again with the web version.
*went away

thanks david for the response, but  I did several fw updates but still have the same problem,

I shouldn't have done the fw updates 'cause at least didn't get message connection conditionally, and could use my suit exept for the left foot.

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