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Sensors not working after update firmware


Did anyone had the problem when update firmware the sensors? The sensor just show like white color on LED. When i try to connect the suit, the software goes to conditional model. 

Hi new to this, I got more or less the a very simular problem with one sensor on my suit I nocited that it gave a whiteish LED as well  it stayed constant everytime I pluged it in. And it does not registering on the software. I don't know how it fix it. 

me too. but all of sensor is whiteish LED. I am still waiting for the support group reply. 

Same here waiting for support too.
I think I may have an Idea to what's wrong with the sensors. When I plug in the sensors It does go quickly white before changing to blue what if the White LED is the powered on Indicator and possibly the software of the sensor may is not there, uninstalled, or deleted so it can not process anything. So I wonder if it's possible to find a way to reinstall the sensor program. Because I know it's not a hardware issue due to no Red LED so it must be a software or Lack of issue.

I was asked the support group to send me the orginal firmware for reinstall all staff, but i didnt get the response. It should not be a hardware problem, i think it is software crash by update the firmware .

So what do you think the solution to the problem is then?
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