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Data Logger RTC battery backup

My logger loses the time settings (Real Time Clock, RTC) every time I turn it off. It has been this way since I got it. After reading the manual I see that there is a battery backup for the RTC. The battery is an ML621, which is a rechargeable Li ion battery. It's charge was below 1V (out of 3V at full charge). Is there a charging circuit for this battery or do I have to take it out and charge it myself? If there is a charging circuit, how can I charge up the battery? I've left it connected to USB and that charges the main LiPo battery just fine.
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Hello, it sounds like you may have a faulty battery backup for the Real Time Clock. Unfortunately this is something that must be repaired in our lab. I would suggest that you request an RMA, in which you will be provided with an return label to send the item back for repair or replacement. Below you will find links to our RMA form and Warranty policy. 

Please contact directly for further assistance. 

Thank you!

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