Yost Labs pedestrian tracking technology uses 3D accelerometers, 3D gyros, a magnetometer that tracks the sensor relative to the earth’s magnetic field, a barometric pressure sensor to track the slightest change in elevation, and finally a powerful microprocessor running Yost Labs’ QGRAD2™ sensor fusion firmware to provide real-time position tracking of a person as they walk around and even climb stairs or use elevators, without the use of GPS.

The Yost Labs’ pedestrian tracking solution can be placed anywhere on the body, including the torso, and all tracking algorithms are embedded within the device.  This flexibility of sensor placement and fully-embedded processing allows ultimate ease of integration so that you can focus on end solutions and let the 3-Space Sensor handle the tracking.

Our pedestrian tracking solution can track, in real-time, a person walking 100 meters (including going up and down stairs) and provide an estimated position of that individual to plus/minus 3 meters.