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Here is a link to our legacy forum: http://forum.yeitechnology.com/. We will be locking this forum off, but there is still plenty of useful information to be found!

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is there a way you can unlock the old forum ? I need some advice on integrating embeded 3D Sensor into my project. However this forum is completely empty, while the old one full of people....


Same here! Can I get access to post in the legacy forum somehow?

Hi Ben and Mikhail,

As we have switched over to using the new Freshdesk forum exclusively, the legacy forum has been locked and we are no longer allowing posts from new or existing users. We have just recently made this switch so the new forum is not yet heavily populated, but we have no doubt that it will gain traffic over time. In the meantime, the legacy forum will still be available to view and search through previous posts. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Thanks Tricia! Also, I have posted twice in this shiny new forum and my posts are not showing up... have i been banned already? :)

Hi Ben,

That's strange - I see that you have unpublished posts but I am not sure why they didn't get posted! I have gone ahead and approved them. If this happens again, please let me know!

Is it too much work to actually migrate all content to new forum ?
It's a pity, because the new forum is working in "customer support" mode.  

 Any Update on the old Forum?
I cannot reach it but it has some answers to my problems.
Would be nice to be able to look it up!

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