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Demo game early access

Can kickstarter backers get access to the demo games sooner rather than later?  With the suits shipping in the spring, it would be nice to gain access to the demo unity projects sooner rather than later so we can hit the ground running once the suits ship.

Hi Chris,

As of now the demos are still in development, but if we get them done early we may consider releasing them at that time. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Early and often is the right time to give access to the ultimate end users of the demo codebase.  Through this open access, we the community of users can provide early feedback on how we will relate to this code in the real world process of building our own applications on top of the priovr platform.  We will most likely also uncover things about the demos and their code that would otherwise go unnoticed by the YEI team due to bringing a completely different perspective.  Please reconsider this approach of waiting to release.  We are not asking for supported code, or even bug free code, simply access to learn as we go as you are, and provide feedback as things progress.  Given the delays in the shipping of our PrioVRs, this simple act is an excellent way for us to make up lost time/ground and provide us with a renewed confidence in our choice to consider ProiVR as the groundbreaking technology that will allow us to revolutionize industries.  I urge you to reconsider this choice either for all backers, or under NDA.  Not knowing the nuances of bringing PrioVR into Unity 3D, we are left constantly in this hurry up and wait state.  We are excited to get started and move on from our frustration.

Hi Chris,

As I said, we will consider releasing the demos once they are in a completed state. However, if you do not actually have a PrioVR suit, you will be able to browse the source but you will not be able to actually run the program. In the meantime, you may have seen from our Kickstarter updates that we do have documentation for the Prio and Skeleton API available now: I hope you find this somewhat helpful!

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