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Viewing Euler Angles in 3 Space Suite

I am using the 3 Space Suite software to view  Euler Angles from the Data Chart. I am having some difficulty interpreting the results. Angles are returned as either red, green, or blue lines. The x-, y-, and z-axes of the sensor coordinate system are also represented by either a red, green or blue line. Do the Euler angle colors correspond to the angle about the axis of the same color? Or, do the colors correspond to the pitch/roll/yaw Euler sequence?

If I modify the axis orientation from the default left-handed coordinate system to a right-handed coordinate system from the Advanced Settings menu, does the Data Chart automatically adjust to reflect the coordinate system change?

Thanks in advance for you assistance.


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Hi Craig,

The order of Euler angle output in the data chart is: pitch (red), yaw (green), and roll (blue). These colors do correspond to the colors of the default axes on the model in GUI mode. So, pitch is the angle measured around the X (right) axis, yaw is measured around the Y (up) axis, and roll is measured around the Z (forward) axis. However, if the axis directions are changed from default, the colors may no longer match up. In other words, pitch, yaw, and roll will always be red, green, and blue respectively, but the axes that they are paired with may not be the same colors. Euler angles are defined around the natural axes, so pitch will always be around the right axis, yaw will always be around the up axis, and roll will always be around the forward axis, regardless of the axis definitions.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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