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Which games I can play with PrioVR

Hi everyone,

I have a question about PrioVR, is this system compatible for all the games, for example if I wanted a FPS game -let's say Battlefield- or will you release only Prio compatible demos/games? Thanks

P.S: Congratulations for this great system, it looks awesome. I have a project contains multiple VR devices and Prio will take its place imo.

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Ehmm.. is anybody out there? Come on guys you should do more on customer relations...


Hi Ismail,

Sorry for the delay in response! We are not in the office over the weekend, so we did not see your post until this morning. We will be releasing 3 demo games with PrioVR. One is a zombie survival game (we have been showing off this game at several conferences), another is a dancing rhythm game, and the third is a dodgeball game. Third party game developer support and an emulation layer for older games will also be available. Thank you for your support, and let us know if you have any more questions!

will you guys partner with microsoft and other compinies so that we can use priovr in battlefield or gta for instense

sorry for bad spelling

For anyone looking for some full fledge games compatible with the PrioVr look no further, I have already started creating a full-body controlled vrmmorg, and the project has since well evolved so now my team and I have been working relentlessly hard to get this game going and more improved by each and every last single passing day for the past few months. SO if you already have a prio-vr or if you're thinking of purchasing one, our game Ellora Online: A New Start should be out for consumer use in an estimated 6 months, that is, if we can get funded on Kickstarter (regardless this game is still going to happen one way or another). But check out for a short in-game gameplay scenario, plus a page describing the game, plus a full gallery of in-game screenshots taken from me the original creator of Ellora Online. Plus we don't sell out to any ads whatso ever, enjoy!

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