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priovr game developer

When is the support for ue4 coming up? Also, it seems I won't be creating any animations in Maya from now, just the painting to get the mesh ready, it seems that priovr will create all the animations for the mesh, is that it?

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Hi Abdullah,

We are currently working on the plug-in for Unity, and as soon as this is complete we will be working on the UE4 plug-in. We do not yet have a specific date set for this.

PrioVR can record animations which you can export to the game or drive the in-game skeleton in real time. We also have examples where the Prio skeleton is blended with recorded animations. For example, the wizard demo we are developing uses hand and facial animations while Prio drives the rest of the body. Also in the zombie demo the character has idle, walking, and strafing animations that override the Prio suit at certain instances, such as when the player is using the analog stick to walk.

Let us know if you have any more questions!

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