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 Hello I been looking at the PrioVR and I want to buy it mainly for an affordable motion capture device.

It seems to be exactly what I want, seeing as I need a way to do motion capture with a crash mat and a grappling dummy...However I am wondering how durable the system is. I plan on doing martial arts and pro wrestling animations which require contact.

I am worried if I did a German Suplex on a grappling dummy with this suit on it will break, can someone confirm if its fragile or not?

Hi Michael, 

Thank you for your interest in PrioVR! Our general rule for PrioVR sensors is that if you are performing an action that would hurt you, it would likely damage the sensor as well. As such, we do not recommend any moves that would involve slamming the sensors into hard surfaces. Let me know if you have any more questions!

The slamming will be on a well padded crash mat so I will hardly call it a hard surface, also it will be a soft grappling dummy that it will be used on, so that is hardly going to hurt me.

I also would ask if the sensor is ok with moving while on the ground, so I can be doing something like this at 1:05, Or something like this

I mainly want to know if the sensor and its casing is extremely fragile or it can handle shaking, tremors and some pressure.

Also I would like to ask if the mo-cap software is free with the suit, when will the suit come out aaaaaand will it be cheaper if I pre-order it now.

The crash mat will be this with a pretty soft carpeted floor to begin with. The grappling dummy will be this


Hey Michael,

Pre-order prices for the PrioVR are as follows (not including shipping):

PrioVR Lite: $289

PrioVR Core: $369

PrioVR Pro: $429

They will ship in Spring 2015. We will be fulfilling our Kickstarter backer orders first followed by pre-orders in the order they were received. Please refer to our Kickstarter updates for more information:

As for durability, we have not done extensive testing on how much force an individual sensor can take. The sensors are rated to be able to stand 5000 g of force, but we do not have a figure for how much force the cases can withstand. As a reference, dropping a sensor on a hard floor has a chance of breaking it, but the crash pad will definitely help reduce the risk of damaging the suit.

The best we can recommend is if you are wearing the suit while performing the moves, on a crash mat, it will probably be okay so long as you do not land on a sensor during a fall. You can also put some form of padding onto the sensors themselves to also help reduce the risk of damage.

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Yes I am probably going to have a make shift padded suit along with it, hopefully that does not mess with the animations.

But yeah I am still interested in the pro version, I am waiting for my payday to buy it. I was just wondering if it will cost more to buy when it is fully out, if preorders are cheaper.

Also how fluid will the animations be? Will there be much in the ways of jittering? With it being a skeletal suit, it looks like it can have a very smooth range of motion, even if you are moving quickly, which is my hope anyway, also it looks like there will not be much issue of you clasping your hands together, or if you have an object in your hand, unlike markerless cameras.


Hey Michael,

We do not have a final price for the PrioVR as of yet, but it would be in your best interest to preorder it as the consumer model will most likely be more expensive than the preorder price.

The animations are captured in our Mocap Studio which can be found here, and is compatible with the Prio. There are several videos that demonstrate how the animations look. Here is another video showing the Prio capturing the animations and how they looked in a game.

I hope those links were helpful! Let me know if you have anymore questions!

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