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Is it possible to play Games with the PrioVR that have not been programmed for the PrioVR? I realize that it's probably not possible, for example, in Call of Duty hands separately to move as in the demos. Are the movements like running controllable

Bye SK

Hey Sezer,

Sorry for the delay in responses. 

PrioVR will ship in Spring 2015. We will be fulfilling our Kickstarter backer orders first followed by pre-orders in the order they were received. Please refer to our Kickstarter updates for more information:

Third party game developer support and an emulation layer for older games will be available.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

I think your project very interesting. I am of the opinion that something like Oculus Rift, Virtualizer or Omni does not need to Priovr. You just need 3D video glasses because Priovr takes over the head tracking. and run it also controls so would be a slippery surface like the vurtualizer would be enough to achieve the same gaming experience without having to buy all the expensive equipment. For when the consumer version is planned with emulator

Hi Sezer,

Even if a game is not developed with PrioVR specifically in mind, it may still be possible to create a mod which will map movements made with PrioVR to movements in-game. It is possible to use the hand controllers for some commands/movements, such as running. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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