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magnet damaged my sensor ?

I've build a small VR unit, that uses YEI embeded sensor.

Everything worked fine, till one night, when I left accidently the unit next to a small

speaker module (with magnet). When I picked up the unit next morning, it was behaving erratically.. when I found the magnet stuck to the unit, I removed it, but sensor is still off...

Now when you turn the sensor in space, it's inital reaction is still normal, but when you stop moving the unit the axis slide to original position. So looks like accelerometer and gyroscope work, but not the compass ?

I wonder if spending night next to a magnet have caused permanent damage to the unit ? I looked on internet and I didn't find any other cases like this ...

Is there anything that could be done ?

I tried to issue a reset, but it didn't fix this behaviour.


Mikhail Margolis

Hi Mikhail,

The first thing to do that might fix your sensor would be to re-calibrate it. This might fix the bias of your magnetometer. 

Let me know if this helps, and if you have any more questions!

Thank you for your answer. After some experiments , it turned out that it's the enclosure

that got magnetized (it contains some metal elements).
As the result the sensor is now getting distracted by magnetic field.

When I detached sensor from the enclosure it seems to behave as it should.
So I guess the solution is to get enclosure demagnetize or build a new one... ;-(

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