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YEI + UART communication with Arduino

Hello all!

Working on a project, and I'd like to read Euler angles from the YEI 3 Space using UART communication with an Arduino. 

Has anyone had success with this before? It seems simple enough, but I haven't been able to read any values back. Thanks so much in advance.

// YEI 3 Space Sensor

byte temp = 0;

byte inByte101 = 0;

byte inByte102 = 0;

byte inByte103 = 0;

float roll = 0; // create variables to store roll, pitch, yaw values

float pitch = 0;

float yaw = 0;

void setup() {

  Serial.begin(115200); // opens serial port, set baud rate to 57600 bps


void loop() {

  Serial.write(':1\n '); // colon = start of ASCII packet, Command Value, Command Data, End of packet

  temp =;


  if (temp == '0') // success = 0 in ASCII


      temp =; // read logical ID to see which sensor sent response

      temp =; // read data length

      if (temp != '0')


        inByte101 =;

        inByte102 =;

        inByte103 =;


        pitch = inByte101;

        yaw = inByte102;

        roll = inByte103;      


        Serial.print("PYR: ");


        Serial.print(" ");


        Serial.print(" ");








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I just got a 3 Space and I am trying to do the same thing, and I'm having the same problem. Did you ever get this to work?


Just following up to see if you had any luck with this.  We are having tremendous problems with Unity 5 and the YEI and think maybe we can circumvent these problems by reading the YEI through the arduino.  

For what its worth, I'm communicating to a Three Space USB on a com port using VS2017  Two commands in a batch message Euler (1) and Heading (35).  Serial communication got a little tricky but I seem to be getting reasonable results now.  

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