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Quicker response at 115200 vs 921600 using UsB

For this specific issue I found the documentation be vague how, if at all UART baud applied to USB I/F, but here it is anyway.

I use TSSEM modules and the USB I/F.  As a consequence, it doesn't matter what I set the computer port's baud rate to vs the TSSEM's UART baud. 

I have been testing my own driver and happen to discover that when I set the TSSEM's UART baud to 115200 I get faster replies compare to when the TSSEM's UART baud is set to 921600.  This is the case with 5 different TSSEM modules. same test program, but half set to 115200 and other set to 921600.  The request I make each time, in a tight loop, is for euler angles.

Can you help me understand why this might be the case?


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Hi Tim,

The USB interface communicates with the Embedded sensor via a virtual COM port. Virtual COM ports do not honor baud rates at all, but we wanted to verify this ourselves to make sure that there wasn't some strange interaction occurring. In our own tests, there was no difference between a baud rate of 115200 and 921600--in fact, even setting low or even invalid baud rates had no effect on the timing. I have attached the Python script that we used to test this and if you would like to forward your own code or any other questions you have, we'd be happy to look at it!

Eric Monteforte

YEI Technology Support 

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