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Problem with 3-Space Sensor After Updating

Hello YEI team,

I am using 3-Space Sensor (data-logging), and when I tried to update the firmware something unexpected happened and the sensor now continues to rotate meaningless in the 3-Space Suite. After making a calibration and committing settings, it disappeared. However, when I connect the device again, the same problem starts.


Do you happen to know this problem and how to solve it?  

Thank you!

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This was resolved via email, but I will post the response here for other users who come across this problem. The following are the instructions that resolved this issue.


First, make sure the sensor is powered off while it is unplugged. Then plug it in and connect to it in the Suite. Go through the Gradient Descent calibration and commit the settings. Then save off the settings file of the sensor after the calibration. At this point, the sensor should be acting correctly, as you stated before.

Then unplug the sensor and plug it back in. Connect to it again and save off the settings file of the sensor again. Do not overwrite the other log. This will tell us if the sensor is being calibrated correctly, and that is is losing the calibration after being unplugged, and it might also show us if the Suite is doing something to your sensor's settings.


YEI Technical Support 

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