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Unity Android

So I have the trackers working in Unity, but I'm running into a issue getting them to work on android. Could anyone give me some pointers on how I should get this to work?

Did you ever have any luck getting the trackers to work with Unity?  Also, we can get the trackers to work with Unity 4 but not Unity 5 - are you using Unity 5?  Thank you!  

I do have them working, I made a custom library to read out the trackers and then I used the Unity Android calls to communicate with that lib. It's made with Unity 4.6 at the moment, but it should also work on 5, Im not using 5 for a different issue.

Thank you for the response.  We get a .dll error when we try to use Unity 5 with the YEI's so we have stayed with Unity 4.6 but we are hoping to upgrade - if we can get past the very frustrating problem of YEI and Unity 5 not working for us.  Your use of YEI and android apps is very interesting - I am glad you were able to get everything working.  We have an android demo but we are using Unity 5 so no YEI's yet.  

You might have to download unity 5.2 32 bit. Solves a lot of library issues for me.
Is that better to use than Unity 5.3? We are hoping to move to Unity 5 but may not be able to with the YEI if we can't get it working. Thanks again for all of your help, I really appreciate it!
I never got 5.3 working. Shouldnt matter tho. Most 4.6 plugins break on the 64 bit while they work on 32 bit. Unity version shouldnt matter.

Thank you.  I don't believe we ever researched 32 vs 62 bit much in depth so we will take a look.  We can get everything working in pre-unity 5 versions.  Unity 5 we get a dll error (Unity can not find the YEI dll no matter where we find it)  

I think that's indeed the 64 bit issue. If I recall correctly its looking for the 64 bit DLL which it cannot find as the DLL is 32 bits. Im not sure of this but it might solve your issue.

Thank you, we will try that.  Is there anywhere specific (folder-wise) where we should put the dll?  We have been reading about putting it in different folders when we get the dll issue.  

Dont think it matters in the 32 bit version. Again, not sure been a while since I worked with this issue.

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