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3 Space bluethooth sensor becomes unresponsive on streaming


I am using the 3-Space Bluetooth sensor v2 in callback streaming mode and configured it to stream raw acceleration data.

Unfortunately, if there happens anything that causes the callback function to need more time, the sensor becomes unresponsive.
Then no more data is received while the LED is still flashing blue.

Attempts to reconnect to the sensor then often fail or data is received for some seconds and than the streaming blocks again.
Neither switching the sensor off and on again nor resetting it or resetting the API nor removing and readding the sensor in Windows' really helps.

I kept my callback function as simple as possible in order not to outbrake the streaming and gave the thread serving the callback function more priority.

Does anybody see a possibility to overcome this problem ?


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Hi,...i am new to this forum. I don't have much knowledge about your system but i would like to help you. Can you share some more information about your system? What are the specifications for your board amd what other components you are using with it?


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