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PrioVR Marketing

I've been watching more Oculus Rift Videos on Youtube, it's becoming a well known thing, but I've never heard of PrioVR. I stumbled across you while thinking about whether or not sensors would work just above the balls of the feet, knees, hips, sternum, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands. I was happy to see that someone did capitulate on the idea but not so happy that you're not well known. 

I would like to see more of you, games that are in incorporated with the rift, and I'm curious whether or not you'll be working with the company or not. Hopefully you've patented the technology at this point and, once I've started to see you and the the Rift (As they've grown into a market due to Youtube Let's players advertising their items) working together or at least being part of the same team, would like to invest in your stock. 

This IS the future of gaming, make no mistake, it's up to you on how fast it will grow. You've got the technology, now you need investors, marketing, and advertisement to get your name out there and for people to notice you. I really would like to see this technology utilized, I have no idea of how funded you are, but I wouldn't snub working a bit more closely with more well-known companies. The money might be nice, but the idea of a -true- virtual reality in our lifetimes would be so much better. 

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Couldn't have said it better myself. I've stumbled upon this on YouTube, your video popped up in my suggestion box and I was eager to see what it was. After watching your videos posted over 2 YEARS AGO! I FLIPPED! Compared to any other existing VR company you have The technology just as Midnari stated. I was disappointed in the lack of popularity you guys surely deserve. I've seen Oculus, Virtuix, and other smaller companies going as detailed as Haptic Feedback or Individual finger movement, but Full body simulation... That steals the cake and is definitely future gaming undoubtedly!
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