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How to troubleshoot and solve some PrioVR issues

Hi Everyone,

I have been running a few tests and have found a few possible fixes to the following issues:

Problem One: Hub goes green and freezes:

This happened when we tried to update the firmware with all the sensors plugged in. This caused the hub to turn green and freeze.


  1.  Let the power leech off the hub - this causes the hub to reset (but can take all night sadly to leech off)
  2. When the hub has emptied off all power plug it in again
  3. Instantly plug in one chain of sensors - e.g. Right Leg Only
  4. Run the firmware update on those sensor chains only
  5. Unplug those sensors and put a new chain in

Go through each chain: Right Leg, Left Leg, Left Arm etc ONE BY ONE and update the firmware. Unplug each time one successfully updates

Doing one chain at a time prevented a overload and a hub freeze. Doing it this way also means that if there is another freeze then the power will leech off in a few mins

Further troubleshooting: If one sensor stays yellow or red then that sensor has a problem and needs to be removed from the system

Problem Two: Sensors blinking yellow

  1. Take that sensor out of the chain and attach it close to the hub - e.g. to the head wire or hip
  2. Make sure no more sensor chains are attached 
  3. Run the firmware update on that one sensor
  4. Enumerate the hub

If a sensor does not update or respond then call Nick/technical support and remove it from the suit. If it does then replace it in the sensor chains. Moving it around e.g. from top of right leg to bottom also makes a difference.

This is just a tester guide which should help you and technical support sort out what issues are happening quickly. If at the end of the day you have an idea of what in the suit needs repairing then - job done!

Look out for sensors not working, polarised (works backwards) or put in the wrong way.

Hope this is helpful!

Paul H

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I have discovered the solution problem 1 independently and can confirm that it works. Except:

> Further troubleshooting: If one sensor stays yellow or red then that sensor has a problem and needs to be removed from the system

If red, just restart the hub and it will turn back to stuck at yellow. Then plug in this sensor alone and update it.


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the freezing hub  cpu fail  i had this with my first suit  it was a pain in  the ass 

once i updated the hub with  a fw update a few times and taken out all the bad sensors 

the suit would run  soon as you plug in a dippy sensor  it just falls over  and locks the hub i just took out my battery 

i now have a couple of dippy sensors that work then they will crash so soon as i try to play the demo it just crashes 

My suit recently went into a tailspin. Flashing Yellow Hub and Flashing WHITE sensors... Odd right? Well, I'm posting here because I broke down and opened the hub to take a look.

Glad I did. Turns out, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lithium ion battery is used inside the hub. AWESOME! I have a spare AND an external charger. 

So I took the battery out and unplugged all the sensors. Plugged in the hub to usb without the battery and it turned a flashing green. Ok, progress.

The battery inside your hub is quite literally GLUED in place. Wow. When the connection gets loose bad things start to happen. Long story short, I've got the original battery on the external charger, and the suit is operational via USB. Green Hub, Blue Sensors. NIIIICE. :) 

I'll report back after the battery fully charges, and I can solider and super glue it in place as it should be.

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