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PrioVR Utility shows only hub position and movement

Has anyone encountered this problem?

All sensors are blue (idle), but the Utility app is reading coordinates only for the hub itself.

hey  just plug in  one sensor to the head  the retry   connect with USB cable to hub and do FW update for sensor one at a time its a pain but it works then once you have all sensors working connect em all up 

then load em all again and you should have  all working   let me know if this helps and put down on my thread that you got a suit so we can find out how many have shipped out 

regards firefly 

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Well that didn't work :( The utility doesn't register any sensor except the hub itself so the firmware is only updated for the hub. The calibration utility does the same thing. I'm getting frustrated, and support is not replying.

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I have the same problem, did you resolve your problem? i know that 2 years passed but hope i can get a message ....

I had to send it back and they fixed it. Supposedly it was some wiring issue. In the end the accuracy of the tracking was pretty underwhelming and jittery so I could not use it as a motion capture solution.
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