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3space and Unity5.x woes, worked fine in 4.x

Hi, i can't seem to figure this one out, looking for some advice... i happily compiled windows executables from Unity that make use of my wireless 2space sensor (as well as using the sensor during editing while in play mode), it all worked great. I didn't touch unity or the sensor in awhile. 

now that I've installed the latest Unity 5.4.2f2 (i originally had the 64bit version but have since installed the 32bit version to match the 3space dll, which i learned is 32bit), i just can't get the dll to be found. I tried to place the dll in all the usual folders that other people have had luck with ( /assets as well as the root of editor.exe) but no dice.

I know the hardware is working fine as I can see it control the 3space app, as well as my old unity4 executables.

any ideas?

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