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3-Space embedded callibration

Hi All,

I need help very much.

I am still having problem in using 3-space sensor (embedded).

Previously I tried to calibrate sensors through myRIO labview (own code), because my application is using myRIO, but the sensor seems not working well. I mean when I tared the orientation, it gave zero reference, but when I changed the place(different room, or even the same room but different desk) with the same direction, the orientation changed (roll, pitch and yaw). When I rotated yaw angle, the angles of pitch and roll changed as well significantly.

Then I tried to use 3-space sensor suite to do configurations and calibrations:

1. Filter mode: Q-COM

2. Gradient descent calibration

3. MI calibration

4. MI mode

5. Tare

and commits settings

The results is quite the same with previous one. When I changed place with the same direction, roll pitch and yaw reading changed, and when I changed yaw angle, pitch and roll angles changed significantly as well.

Do you have any idea regarding this issue? I need your help.

Kind regards,


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