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Sensors not working after update firmware


Did anyone had the problem when update firmware the sensors? The sensor just show like white color on LED. When i try to connect the suit, the software goes to conditional model. 

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this company sucks, i needed to buy a new costume from another company, they do not offer support and if they do the support sucks

I have this issue as well. After firmware updates all sensors show a solid white-ish green colour. Software will only connect conditionally. I've tried updating firmwares one by one, but no luck at all. From support I only received the standard template response. It would be good to know how to fix this, as a product really shouldn't brick just because you update it. Does anyone have an older firmware I could try? 

This is the look

Hi Erik, after the senzor update i receive the messagee succesuful but the color of the led is light blue, and not blinking from what i read is a idle mode, how can i can into communicating mode?

With respect


Maybe this works; 

Unplug all wires from hub, connect hub with pc by usb cable.

Check priovr utility if hub is working ok.

Connect the sensor wires to hub one at at time.

If necessary update suit.

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Hi, i have the same problem, sensors are white after the update and nothing works now, i tried all the solutions but nothing is working.

Any new suggestion about this ?

I tried to use hub and update only one sensor, but it does not work.

I replacement the sensor. With you I recommend getting the hub and plug in the sensor and update that single sensor.

Thank you for replying, but what did you replace?

I still have the sensors in update mode (yellow), and can't use the suit.

Nah, i still waiting for support group reply.

No I did not find a solution. So I had to buy a replacement.

have you found a solution yet?

So what do you think the solution to the problem is then?

I was asked the support group to send me the orginal firmware for reinstall all staff, but i didnt get the response. It should not be a hardware problem, i think it is software crash by update the firmware .

I think I may have an Idea to what's wrong with the sensors. When I plug in the sensors It does go quickly white before changing to blue what if the White LED is the powered on Indicator and possibly the software of the sensor may is not there, uninstalled, or deleted so it can not process anything. So I wonder if it's possible to find a way to reinstall the sensor program. Because I know it's not a hardware issue due to no Red LED so it must be a software or Lack of issue.
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