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Sensors not working after update firmware


Did anyone had the problem when update firmware the sensors? The sensor just show like white color on LED. When i try to connect the suit, the software goes to conditional model. 

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Hi Erik, after the senzor update i receive the messagee succesuful but the color of the led is light blue, and not blinking from what i read is a idle mode, how can i can into communicating mode?

With respect


This is the look

I have this issue as well. After firmware updates all sensors show a solid white-ish green colour. Software will only connect conditionally. I've tried updating firmwares one by one, but no luck at all. From support I only received the standard template response. It would be good to know how to fix this, as a product really shouldn't brick just because you update it. Does anyone have an older firmware I could try? 

this company sucks, i needed to buy a new costume from another company, they do not offer support and if they do the support sucks

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