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3 Space Sensor faulty gyroscope

We received a 3 Space Sensor about two weeks ago. Upon using the 3SS Software Suite, it became immediately clear that the sensor had a faulty gyroscope. Raw data reads at 0 constantly, and the corrected data reads at 1, 2, 3 for the x, y, z axes respectively. We have filed a RMA request and also emailed the support address. After a week of no replies, Yost Labs' only suggestion was to try new firmware (which didn't work). Has anyone else had this issue?

And is anyone else as dissatisfied with Yost Labs' level of support for their products as we are? Their first reply took over a week. The RMA request has had no response. It's now been another 5 days since last contact from them. Still waiting for them to provide a solution or a working product.

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