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Synchronizing sensors

I'm looking for a way to synchronize the data from two (or more) sensors.

I'm using the timestamps from the sensor to ensure accurate times, instead of relying on receive time in software. This unfortunately doesn't account for clock drift.

I'm trying to use the set timestamp function to make sure each device starts at the same time but I haven't been able to correctly synchronize the two I believe since I cannot guarantee the serial data is sent at the same time.

One thought is to use SPI or TTL serial (not USB) and literally connect the devices' Rx pins in parallel so they get the command at the same time and use two receivers on the computer so they can both send data back. But this is not ideal and doesn't keep the devices locked in phase.

I looked into using the interrupt as a way to lock two devices in phase but there seems to be no way to configure it to use an external trigger for sample times.

Has anyone else found a way to do this well?

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