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Data Logger config.cfg

The real time clock is losing the date and time on my data logger. As a result, I'm having some strange effects on the date for the config.cfg file. When it turn on the logger, it starts at random dates in 2001. But, both the config.cfg and sensor.cfg files have the same date when I read the SD card via USB.That's after they have been properly dated the last time the logger was turned on and they were saved. I'm trying to determine when these files are overwritten, where the data comes from, and why they are rewritten at all. When settings are committed in the Suite, they don't seem to write to the sensor.cfg file. Also, the only way to change the config. cfg file is by direct editing. But at some point, the logger appears to copy those settings to a location in memory.

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I had similar issues. I ended up just manually changing the .cfg files using a text editor. It seems to work just fine. Most of the parameters are defined in one of the manuals. I noticed that only certain parameters were actually being overridden when "commiting" the new settings.

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