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Logging More Data Types

Hi there,

We have purchased a 3-space LX eval kit, and got it connected to the 3-space suite. We can see the data chart, and can set up logging, however we want to log all data types, not just those selected on the display window. If it requires using python and writing our own script can you please direct us to some examples? Most of the links seem to be broken.


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Hi Travis, 

Yes, it is possible to log most data types at once but you will have to write your own python script as you had mentioned. Below is some instruction that should help direct you. 


  • Latest Python 2
  • Install Pyserial
Write a script that:
  • Opens a port with Pyserial
  • Sets streaming slots
  • Open a file handle 
  • Start streaming
  • Write all read data from device to file 
(80, (0x50)) Set streaming slots command:
  • 0    0x00  Tared Quaternions
  • 6    0x06  Untared Quaternions
  • 37  0x25  All Corrected 
  • 41  0x29  Linear acceleration 
  • 43  0x2B Temperature (Celsius) 
  • 255  0xFF Blank
  • 255  0xFF Blank
  • 255  0xFF Blank
Please let me know if you have additional questions. 

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