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RS-232 output script?

I have a 3 Space RS 232 / USB sensor and I would to have some assistance to set this unit up to transmit data out on the RS-232 port. I do not have much experience in programming but as far as i can read out of the 3-Space manual i have to send a set of commands to the sensor to get the required data out.

What I need is:

  • When power is applied to the sensor is should automatically transmit data
  • Required data on RS232 port is as simple text string like Magnetic compass Heading (relative to North), Roll and Pitch

Ideally i would have a Comma separated Ascii text string like this

Heading,Roll,Pitch (CR LF)

Would it be possible for someone to assist me in the required setup for me to achieve this dataoutput?

Best Regards, Pedro

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