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Data logger capture config overwritten on startup

 I'm trying to capture data using the 3space data logger -- specifically, I need to capture the corrected accelerometer (and potentially gyroscope) data as fast as possible to the onboard SD card. I'm using the TSS-DL-H3-S with the latest released firmware (updating was one of my first debugging steps).

I've been manually the config on the SD card (by which I mean inserting it into my computer's slot and using a text editor to modify it). I've not had success with mounting the data logger as a mass storage device and editing the config through it.

Whenever I insert the card into the logger and turn it on, it gets reset to default values. The result is that I can't change what data is captured by the logger, or the format it's stored in.

Is this a known issue? Is there some workaround I can employ? If this is a regression in newer versions of the firmware, I'd happily downgrade to one that works, but I don't see any available for download except the latest.

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I am having this same problem and do not see any answers posted for this

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