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Multiple sensors streaming (wired, C++)

Hello there!

I'm trying to build an application with multiple sensors streaming data

Basically, I'm calling 
tss_sensor_getLastStreamingPacket(deviceID,&Streamdata) in an infinite loop

I don't have problems with streaming slots and timing.

When I try to only stream with one sensor in vector (I'm creating a std::vector of objects, containing sensors' methods), everything is working great.

But if I have multiple sensors, in the output data I see constantly repeatable values (basically, interval between data updates increases drastically),

My loop looks like this 



for(unsigned int=0;i<IMU_VECTOR.size();i++)





Method "streamupdate" simply calls 


(deviceID and Streamdata are fields in the class I'm using)

Would be happy to hear any ideas\suggestions on how to fix this problem

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