I want to use a sensor that doesn’t require me to have a wired connection. What are my options?

Our wireless model communicates with our wireless dongles, which can be plugged into a PC by USB and is used to communicate and collect data from the sensor in real time. The range on the dongle is about 100 feet. You can learn more about this sensor and dongle here: 3-Space™ Wireless 2.4GHz DSSS - https://yostlabs.com/product/3-space-wireless-2-4ghz-dsss/ and 3-Space™ Wireless Dongle - https://yostlabs.com/product/3-space-wireless-dongle/

Our Bluetooth model is perfect for communicating with Android devices in real time. Our Bluetooth sensors work within a range of about 30 feet, but this depends on the range of the Android device or adapter you use. You can see more about this sensor here: 3-Space™ Bluetooth -  https://yostlabs.com/product/3-space-bluetooth/

We also offer the 3-Space™ Mini Bluetooth sensor, which is a compact solution that supports Bluetooth 4.1 / LE for Android and iOS. To learn more visit: https://yostlabs.com/product/bluetooth-mini/

Our data-logging model contains a 2gb micro SD card which can be used to record data to later download and analyze: https://yostlabs.com/product/3-space-data-logger/

The battery life on all of our sensors is about 5 hours, and they can be plugged in to charge via USB. They are also all capable of data collection via a USB connection.