I cannot decide whether I should use the wireless or Bluetooth model. What do you recommend?

In general, our wireless sensors offer better performance than our Bluetooth model, due to the lower reliability of Bluetooth communication in general. The reliability and range will depend on the Bluetooth module in your particular device, but our tests show Bluetooth range (about 10m in our tests) is significantly less than the wireless range (about 30m). PCs will allow for up to 7 Bluetooth sensors to be connected at the same time (depending on the PC). We have seen the best results with mobile Android devices using no more than 2 Bluetooth sensors. On the other hand, each of our wireless dongles can communicate with up to 15 wireless sensors at a time, and multiple dongles can be used on a single PC. Communication with wireless sensors is also smoother and faster than Bluetooth sensors. Typically, we only recommend using Bluetooth specifically for applications that require data to be sent to an Android device.