What is the difference between PrioVR and the 3-Space mocap suit?

The functionality of PrioVR will be essentially the same as the 3-Space mocap suit. The main difference is that PrioVR has all of the sensors daisy-chained to one another and uses 1 hub for wireless communication while the 3-Space suit's sensors each have their own wireless module which not only increases the overall cost of the suit, but also means that communication is slower, and there is a greater chance of wireless interference when using multiple suits. However, this also means that the 3-Space suit offers more freedom of movement, as well as the ability to use the sensors individually.

PrioVR is targeted toward gamers and for game content creation, so the suit design makes it simple and fast to put on and is pre-configured for the human body. The 3-Space mocap suit is more customizable, with options that can be set on how to capture data, filter parameters, etc. The accuracy between the two suits is about the same.